Our Factory Quality Control Process

- Sep 02, 2019-

Our Factory Quality control process


All material arrived in factory , good quality pcb , led , ic ,resistance ,aluminum profile ,cables, are need QC check . all the items need meet the requirement.

2, CCT check

All led need test the color temperature ,we need to check the luminance , color temperature ,Color Rendering Index. We need to make sure the led strip's quality.

3, Dehumidification

All led need dehumidification before SMT.65℃*8hours .This ensure the led dry. The led can be attached to the board better to ensure that the led will not fall off.

4.SMT process

Producing LED ,IC,resistance onto the surface of the PCB. We are using the high speed automate machine . Ensure all the components are in the right place .

5. Reflow soldering

After the SMT process , the led and PCB is join solder paste. This need go thought reflow soldering machine and in approx 220-250℃。 Then the solder paste thaw and bonding together.

6 .Inspection

Our QC dept inspect 100% check of the strip light to ensure there are no defect LED and color shift LED.

7.Soldering PCB

Our automate soldering machine will soldered the 0.5M pcb 10pcs to 5meter . According to customer request. Cable is soldering by hand. Machine soldering ensure the PCB soldering quality stabilized.

8. Clean PCB surface

Once soldering completed, the strip PCB will be cleaned by alcohol.

9.Aging test

All the led products need aging test for 8 hours, ensure each LED runs in good condition. This process in order to know weather led working well? Is that in the right color temperature , Driver working well ? It’s very important to the LED Strip.


IP55/65 (defend moisture) Silicon glue onto the surface of the PCB . IP65 using silicon tube for the waterproof . IP67( short time using under water )using silicon glue injection into the silicon tube .

11. 3M tape

All our led strip will be pasted with 3M tape, to ensure easy installation for end customer.

12. Final quality control

Our QC will check on every strip reel, to ensure consistent light color of the strip, as well as good appearance.