Main Characteristics Of Backlight Plate

- Nov 22, 2017-

1. Brightness: Requirements of FAI, such as notebook computer requirements 1600nit; monitor Demand 3000~6000nit

2. Uniformity: Black and white LCD module for 75% color LCD module for more than 80%

3. Power consumption: Requires low-power, generally for lamp tube current 3~3.5MA.

4. Weight: This feature is a portable computer with a very important consideration of the backlight, in order to lightweight, the removal of the light plate from the original plate to wedge-type (wedge type), and in the direction of the more thin-type development (the current wedge type thickness has been required 2.0~0.7mm). At present, the weight of the table-type liquid crystal display is not an important subject, but in the larger development of the display, the weight of the guide plate will be the focus of the design.

The above four characteristics are the main basis to evaluate the performance of the backlight plate. But in fact, because of these conflicting requirements, such as low power consumption and FAI, light and thin guide plate and Gao efficiency, it will be difficult for each feature to reach maximum. is how to achieve total performance maximum value, is a major test of backlight design.