LED Lamp With Conventional Classification

- Nov 22, 2017-

LED lights are divided into conventional flexible led light strips and led hard lights two kinds, but generally also contains wire connected with LED old-fashioned lamp belt, such as flat three-wire 4.3w/meters, flat four-line 6.48w/meters, flat five-line 8.64w/-meter lamp belt.

1, the flexible LED lamp belt is uses the FPC to assemble the circuit board, with SMD LED assembly, so that the thickness of the product is only a coin thickness, do not occupy space; universal specifications have a 30cm long 18 led, 24 led and 50cm long 15 led, 24 led, 30 led and so on. There are 60cm, 80cm and so on, different users have different specifications. And can be arbitrarily cut off, can also be arbitrary extension of the light is not affected. FPC material soft, can be arbitrary bending, folding, winding, can be in the three-dimensional space to move and stretch freely without breaking. Suitable for irregular places and small space for use, but also because it can be arbitrary bending and winding, suitable for any combination of various patterns in advertising decoration.

2, LED hard lamp is the PCB board to do the assembly circuit boards, led for the use of SMD LED assembly, but also useful direct-insert LED assembly, depending on the need for different components. The advantages of hard light strips are easier to fix, easier to process and install, and the disadvantage is that they cannot bend freely and are unsuitable for irregular places. Hard light strips with SMD LED 18 led, 24 led, 30 led, 36 led, 40 led, many kinds of specifications, with direct-insert led 18, 24, 36, 48, and other specifications, there are positive and side, the side of the light is also called the Great Wall.