Introduction Of Light Box

- Nov 22, 2017-

A light box (light emitting device) used for perspective X-ray photographs (negatives). Light box general use of the lamp, preferably PC board, this material high temperature up to 145 degrees, low temperature up to 45 degrees. It is generally useful for fluorescent lamps, so it looks very beautiful from the outside.

There are light boxes with advertising cloth (commonly known as light box cloth), ink using oily ink, inkjet company to ensure the durability of the screen, the general color of the screen than the color on the display to a little darker. Its actual output of the image resolution generally only need to 30~45dpi (in accordance with the printing requirements), the actual size of the screen is relatively large, there are hundreds of square meters of area. In fact, there are many kinds of light box, some are also useful round blister light box, sometimes to the entrance of the mall, pay attention to, sometimes you can see.

With the forming of light box in-depth promotion and market competition intensified and new materials continue to emerge, forming a light box technology will continue to improve, expression will continue to enrich. We have reason to believe that the molding light box will be in more space to show more beautiful characteristics!

Intelligent Conversion light box is different from the general light box, smart light box can be installed in a light box in a number of advertising pictures, you can set the time, automatic conversion screen. This feature makes the displayed advertisement content more vivid, greatly enhances the propaganda effect.

Smart light box of the shell has high-quality wood, stainless steel, special aluminum, paint and other styles, and a variety of chassis style is also available for customers to choose, beautiful fuselage, windows large, durable, applicable to façade signs, outdoor, indoor.

Smart light box built-in a variety of automatic setting functions, such as automatic start-up and shutdown system, the freedom to set the number of changes in the screen, free to set the screen stay time, free choice to display different combinations of pictures and so on.

Smart Light box as a display master suitable for the size of the company and all walks of life, can reduce advertising costs for customers, beautify the cityscape.