Everything To Know About LED Modules

- Dec 26, 2019-


Everything to know about LED Modules

NEW DELHI: If you haven’t yet used the LED modules, then you are missing out something great. It is created to use in the signages and channel letters in the beginning, but today they are prominently used in numerous other indoor and outdoor lighting applications. LED modules are highly versatile as each module is linked with lead wiring which is very easy to cut and connect in any type of project. 

What is a LED Module Light?

The LED works on very simple phenomena where voltage is applied to a semiconductor material to make electrons run loose from the material – in return, light energy is emitted in the form of particles known as photons. LED is a method of converting electrical energy into the lights. 

So, moving ahead from the LED light formation process – module is a device that contains multiple LED bulbs – they are connected to one fixture with battery power that gives power to all the bulbs. The diode of the module is electrified semiconductor material – based on the material used – it has the potential to emit various colors. Most of the LED modules are mainly called RGB LED modules as they can emit different shades of light. Thus, they are prominently used for advertising purposes. 

Uses of LED Modules 

As we have already discussed that LED modules are mainly used for outdoor advertising purposes, but they are highly versatile and can be used in multiple different ways as per your imagination like –

  1. To decorate an outdoor garden or patio 

  2. Strips of modules can be used to highlight cabinets, drawers, etc.,

  3. The vibrant stripes of LED module lighting can be used to accentuate different parts of your bathroom like mirrors, plants, etc.,

  4. They are very useful to create an ambience in your home with different shades of lighting. 

  5. It can help in lighting up your car dashboard or other parts of vehicles. 

  6. LED modules can be served as a night lamp. 

  7. Flashlights and headlamps can be designed with LED modules as well. 

Variety of LED Modules 

In the market, a wide variety of LED modules are present, but broadly they can be categorized based on color, form, CCT, module efficiency and much more. For instance, when you are looking for LED modules based on form, then the most common types are – circular and rectangular, however, other forms like square, linear and star are also available. Apart from these categories, some of the common categories are –

Side LED Modules – These modules are useful to illuminate the large cabinets correctly. 

Black LED Modules – It is a type of LED module which is used to highlight or light up the inner parts like boxes, cabinets, channel letters, etc., 

Flex LED Strips – This is the most versatile LED moduleas it can be easily modified into different shapes. They are useful to highlight intricate wording in the signages or illuminate acrylic letters. 

With LED modules, you have endless possibilities to create beautiful illuminating decorations or signages. The uses of LED modules are no longer limited to the advertising industry, you can use them in multiple ways as per your imagination. From your home’s interior to the exterior of your commercial place, you can utilize these colorful LED modules in hundreds of different ways.