EEFL Light Guide Plate Ultra-thin Light Box Advantages

- Nov 22, 2017-

1, various sizes (lamp length from 20-170cm, random combination)

2, high energy-saving (according to different lengths of the lamp, power only 3-6 Watts One, comprehensive energy-saving $number)

3. Long service life (its principle determines long service life, high stability and efficiency, up to 60,000 hours, three years quality problems, free exchange)

4, small size (tube diameter of 0.5-0.8 cm, saving light box volume)

5, low temperature (lamp surface temperature is only about 38 degrees, in the indoor use to reduce air-conditioning load, use very safe)

6, many colors (red, yellow, blue, white, green, color temperature can be selected from the 2500k-17500k)

7, Uniform light (EEFL can form a uniform plasma column along the tube axis to make the glow even)

8, drive more than a lamp (Eefl used in the town (Eefl Power), one can drive multiple lamp tube)

9, Maintenance-free (save the lamp replacement staff and lamp costs)