Benguang Light Guide Plate Ultra-thin Light Box

- Nov 22, 2017-

Benguang Guide Plate ultra-thin Light Box system using the International advanced "backlight" technology of High-tech products. Ultra-thin beautiful, efficient energy-saving, light soft, brightness evenly pleasing. The technology was first developed for use in laptop LCD screens. has been widely used in various fields including optoelectronics. Light Guide plate ultra-thin light Box features:

1. Slim: thickness between 1 cm and 4 cm

2. Beautiful appearance: Applicable to any fashion area

3. Efficient energy Saving: more than 60% of traditional light box energy saving

4. Brightness: variable-line light source for the surface, more uniform illumination, softer, more comfortable visual

5. Easy to install: Quickly open the design, replace the lamp more simple, faster, within five minutes can be replaced

6. Patented Light Guide Technology design: Its principle and effect can be comparable to the notebook computer LCD display.