All Streetlights To Be LED Lamps Starting September

- Apr 10, 2019-


KUALA LUMPUR: All roads nationwide will be lit with LED lamps, instead of the traditional light bulbs, in a move to save energy by as much as 50%.

Right now, about 80% of streetlamps in Malaysia use other forms of lighting apart from LED (light-emitting diodes), which are known to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than incandescent bulbs.

The plan to introduce LED street lighting will be rolled out in stages beginning September, said Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin (pic).

“We can save about 50% from current energy expenses with this move.

“The ministry will also look into having illuminated signages on shops and buildings changed to LED lighting as well,” she told Sunday Star.

She said not only will this move be more power-saving, it will also create a more beautiful and attractive urban landscape for the people.

“We will conduct a pilot project of this in my constituency in Ampang first.

“The tender process to get contractors to conduct this project will be completed around June.

“We will then carry out the pilot project for three months.

“If all goes according to plan, we can expect to implement this on a nationwide basis in September, in stages,” she said.

Zuraida said the ministry was also looking into installing CCTV cameras at hotspots to deter crime and to catch those who dump rubbish illegally as well.

“I will also start this in Ampang first before extending it to the whole country.

“Aside from curbing crime with these CCTVs, we also want to stop people, be they Malaysians or foreigners, from littering,” she said.

On another matter, Zuraida said her ministry will push for more fire stations to be set up nationwide to speed up response time for emergencies.

“In view of the coming Budget 2020 and 12th Malaysia Plan, we are planning to incorporate measures to build more fire stations.

“There are currently four classes of fire stations, namely Classes A, B, C and D based on various criteria.

“I am proposing to create a new category, Class E.

“This category is for smaller scale fire stations to be set up on islands and remote areas including near longhouses in Sarawak,” she said.

Such stations will be smaller with less personnel, but adequately equipped to address emergencies.

“These smaller stations will be supported by larger stations within the area which can be called for back up.

“But while waiting for the reinforcements, personnel from the Class E stations will be able to be despatched immediately to provide first responder services,” Zuraida added.

It was reported that there are 258 fire stations in Malaysia.