LED light strip repair need to know those

- Nov 22, 2017-

1, Anti-Static: Because the LED is static components, if the repair LED lamp is not good anti-static measures, will burn the LED, forming a waste. There is a need to pay attention to the electric iron must be used to prevent static irons, simultaneous repair personnel must also do good anti-static measures (such as wearing electrostatic ring and anti-static gloves, etc.).

2, the continuation of low temperature: LED lights with two main groups for adult led and FPC, are not able to continue to withstand low temperature of the goods. If the FPC is continuing the low temperature or may exceed its acceptance measure, will cause the FPC to cover the membrane to crack, indirectly forms the LED lamp to carry the scrap. Simultaneous, LED also did not continue to withstand the low temperature, is under low temperature time, the chip will be burned at low temperature. As a result, repair LED lamp with the adoption of the electric iron must be adopted to adopt temperature control soldering iron, the measurement limit is in the category, to prevent arbitrary changes and settings. In addition, even so, the need to pay attention to the repair when the electric iron does not have to be led foot stop time beyond 10 seconds, if beyond some time, it will be able to burn the LED chip.

3, short-circuit: A lot of LED lights are not lit because of the foot is short circuit, is repair before must investigate the real no bright reason. Otherwise, the change is not bright after the LED, call back again will continue to form the LED chip is short-circuit DC electric breakdown. Because, is changing the new led in advance, must first find no bright real reason, targeted ability.