LED light strip lamp with lighting attention

- Nov 22, 2017-

1, the brightness requirements for different occasions and different products on the LED brightness requirements are different. For example, LED jewelry counter lights if placed in some large shopping malls, we will be high brightness of some attractive, but also decorative role is also divided into led spotlights and led seven lantern belt and other products.

2, antistatic ability: antistatic ability strong anti-static ability led, long life, but the price will be higher. Usually antistatic is better than 700V above.

3, wavelength and color temperature consistent led, colors will be consistent, this large-volume combination of lamps is particularly important. Do not produce too big chromatic aberration in the same luminaire.

4, leakage current is led reverse Guide electric current, we recommend with a little bit of leakage current LED products.

5, waterproof ability, for outdoor and indoor LED lamp requirements are different.

6, LED lighting angle on the impact of a great deal of different lighting requirements, such as LED fluorescent lamp we recommend 140-170 degrees. The rest of us are not here to explain in detail.

7, LED chip determines the core quality of LED, LED Chip brand many, has the foreign brand, also has the Chinese Taiwan. Different brand price difference is also very far.

8, LED chip size also determines the quality and brightness of the LED, we choose the time to try to choose a larger chip, but the price will correspondingly higher.