How to Choose LED Light Source for Advertising Light Box

- Mar 10, 2018-


First, be clear about the actual working electric current of the LED light. Size of LED chip is fixed and can’t be change after package, there is a maximum electrical current to this LED chip. Utility of the electric current just like accelerator of a car, the harder you step on gas, the faster you will be, you can’t make it 430km/h when the car limits on 250km/h. All electric devices work the same even LED light. The higher input current, the more brightness it performs. But there is a limitation. You cross the line the LED light go wrong.


Second, standard and consistency of LED light source. The effective ingredient generate white lighting is combine with colors more than one. We use color temperature to describe the difference. And color temperature is usually described as Kelvin. Generally speaking, incandescent is 2500-4000 Kelvin (warm white, yellowish white), sun light is 6000-6500 Kelvin (neutral white, the best lighting reveal actual objects) another white is 10000-12000 Kelvin (cool white, bluish white, it gives people an image of pale and cold).

When we sourcing lighting fixture for advertising light boxes, we have to consider what emotions we get from the graphic, graphic design is one thing, color temperature is another. Warm white transmit a feeling of old school, classic. Cool white is a bit too harsh for eyesight but blue light is poor in penetration, also not good at color rendition, brightness looks not that bright without graphic.


Third, brightness and power consumption of LED light. In situation of the same item, the more quantity of LED beads, the higher brightness you get.