Design and its components, the principle of backlight lamp

- Nov 22, 2017-

Backlight Although the optical mechanism seems simple, however, each component of the optical characteristics, size and relative position of the overall optical performance of the backlight form a coherent, tightly coupled interactive relationship, so in the direction of thin, high efficiency, how to simplify the mechanism, process simplification, but also improve optical efficiency, Is the important technical key of the future development of the backlight plate.

At present, the structure of the backlight is broadly divided into light sources and light guide parts, the light source includes the lamp and reflector, the optical properties of the material are continuously studied and improved by each supplier, but the space configuration and the material collocation design determine the upper limit of the optical performance of the backlight plate, which must be verified by theory and experiment.

In the light part of its structure from the lower to the sequence of reflection, optical drawings, acrylic, diffusion tablets, two pieces of prism, sometimes in the edge of the prism also need a protective spread of the film. And these multilayered and complex structures, under the consideration of thin form, the first consideration to reduce the thickness of the material is acrylic, but because the role of acrylic in the backlight structure is the transmission of light source (so also known as the Guide plate), in the thin shape of the same time will cause the distribution of light source changes, the design of optical patterns must be in line with the changes. Under the requirement of large size, the process of thinning is also difficult. In overcoming these difficulties, it is also an effort to reduce the material and manufacturing costs and reduce the overall thickness of the optical sheet materials used above the guide plate. But these thin material has the function of improving visual effect, convergent beam direction, enhancing brightness and so on, can be said to be dispensable. So the study of how to combine these effects in a single material is another difficult problem in the design of the backlight.

The current trend is to combine the optical pattern and the diffusion and convergence perspective functions in the pressure acrylic. This will only require a layer of optical prism to achieve the previous design effect. But it also increases the complexity and difficulty of the optical design of the guide plate. Even if the design of the ideal high efficiency structure, it is necessary to process injection technology and upgrade to meet the requirements. With the current optical efficiency of the backlight, there is still a great deal of room for improvement. However, the overall structure of the precision requirements are relatively stringent, even if the fixed role of the outer frame, the optical also has a very large impact. The mechanism is not close enough will cause the light source distribution to change the influence efficiency, generally also uses the outer frame to make the side edge leakage light source reflection, therefore its optical characteristic also must consider. And its hardness also determines the intensity of the structure after light. It can be said that the backlight all regardless of size components, on the one hand is the mechanism components, on the other hand optical elements, can be said to be the ultimate optical mechanism.